What job search website should I use?

The main point of a job search is to find the combination of an opportunity that you are interested in that also matches your skillset. This takes time, and there are so many job website out there - Monster.com, Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, it’s very confusing.

The answer can be actually quite simple, thanks to Google. Google’s Job search function launched in 2017 and crawls job websites large & small including LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and millions of other sites (both posting boards and individual company pages).

Here are the reasons we think Google Jobs is a great way to kick off your job search:

Google Jobs Search Saves Time

Instead of opening an account on 10 different job sites, you can now type in your criteria on the familiar Google interface and get jobs based on criteria from Full/Part-Time, Market type, seniority level, travel distance (based on Google Maps analytics), and more.

Google Jobs Offers Recommendations based on AI

Google Jobs uses their AI to understand the differences (and similarities) in types of jobs - for example truck driver & delivery driver might actually be the same job and Google can understand that, whereas the individual platform wouldn’t give you that context.

You Don't Lose Any Functionality or Details

Google’s link will still take you to the LinkedIn, Monster, other platform, or company-specific link. So you’re not missing any information, you’re getting the information more efficiently with recommendations that you might not have considered before.

Create Alerts Tailored to Your Needs

Google Jobs also allows you to create alerts based on job title & geography and how often you’d like to be emailed, so when there are 20 relevant new opportunities you can be alerted to apply and not miss awesome opportunities.

Some things to be aware of though - Google Jobs is not perfect. You might notice some duplicate jobs for instance because Google has found the same job listing on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other websites (best to not bookmark the same job 3 times).

We’ve personally found this helpful (we don’t get paid by Google). Here’s the link, try it out yourself: https://www.google.com/search?q=jobs+near+me