6 Great ways to more effective at work quickly

Create a To Do List

This is a great way to organize and prioritize in your mind what are the tasks to do, why you’re doing them, and in what order. Giving yourself transparency and clarity on the tasks to do is the first step in tackling the tasks. You cannot work effectively if you don’t know what the work is.

Avoid multitasking

Some may disagree, but multitasking is actually inefficient for many. By focusing on 1 individual task at a time, you can catch any errors or problems that may arise which would then make the project take even longer. This also circles back to our first point of creating a To Do list - make sure your prioritization is not terribly dependent upon eachother. Nothing feels worse than finishing Task 5 and realizing that you had to redo Task 1.

Turn off notifications & distractions

With all of the constant notifications in our lives from ads, the news, and even the people around you, a great way to get your work done faster is by removing notifications. Whether your work is in software or handling machinery, noisy irrelevant notifications increase risks (sometimes dangerously) and impede productivity. The goal is to be done with work sooner, so you have time to enjoy doing what you love.

Invest time in learning important software

This is a unique one, whether you are using Excel, Powerpoint, or a industry-specific software; investing a few hours to learn how to be faster at it can be a huge time saver for years to come. For example, someone that has invested 6 hours in learning Excel might be able to shave off 30 minutes of work per day (3.5 hours per week), that would lead to a quick payback period of just 2 weeks. Think of all of the extra time over the next year (over 100 hours)!

Organize your desk

For those that need it, cleaning a work area can be a powerful way to focus directly on what’s at hand. Visually things are focused, and there is less time needed to find a pen, paper, or a tool. You’re able to jump from strength to strength.

Take intermittent breaks

People’s productivity drops off after they’ve been doing the same thing for a while (it differs by person). Taking a break (even just 15 minutes) can allow the mind to freshen up and for you to come back with a cleared head and even better ability to finish the task.