5 Side Gigs that are Low Risk & High Return

Side gigs are a way to earn extra money but there are some gigs where you mind up earning less than minimum wage (e.g. ride sharing). We did the research for you, and these are the top 5 side gigs that can make you money with low risk.

Creative Freelancing

Graphic design, website creation, illustration, art and more. Creative design is great because it’s something that pretty much every organization needs and many of them outsource it. Projects are constantly coming up since advertising campaigns are constantly, new logos will be updated, and new brands & companies will emerge. Also it’s possibly to learn some of these skills online in as little as a few weeks and begin to get some traction.

Technical Freelancing

Analytics, engineering, architecture, and software development. This is a great type of freelancing because there’s generally less competition. The skills can take a while to learn (perhaps with a degree) so it’s both a positive and a negative. That said, if you’re interested and are willing to invest the time (or already have the knowledge) it’s a great way to become integrated into the key components of an organization while also giving you the freedom to work on the projects that inspire you.

Pet Care

This is a great one for people that like pets but perhaps don’t want to (or can’t) spend the money each month to keep their own pet. If you have experience with pets, taking a dog for a walk or looking after other pets at home can be a rewarding experience. You can think of it as having all the benefits of having a pet, but with none of the cost, and you get paid to do it!

Online Tutoring

Education is powerful and that is doubly so for passing knowledge onto others. If you have knowledge in broad subjects (math, history, etc) or specific topic (zoology, advanced physics) there is probably an educational platform for that. Many students are using online videos & courses but nothing beats another person over a video call helping them with the specific problem that they have. Everybody learns in a different way, and you can help them do that.

Stock Photography

Many of us like taking photos, whether it’s outside of beautiful landscape, inside of normal everyday life, and infinite other things. The beauty is that companies need these photos, and it’s as easy as connecting your photos with a stock photo platform so that companies interested in images of “coffee on a table” can find your image and pay you. Do what you already love doing, and now with the side benefit of being paid for some of the pictures.