13 ways to lower your phone bill today

Phone bills are a common expense that people overlook, but there's actually significant ways to reduce this expense without impacting your experience.

Here are our top recommendations:

Using Less Data especially if you're Working From Home

Data is expensive and especially with unlimited plans. If you’re spending a good amount of time at home (especially now with COVID) or in the office then being on WiFi will save you

Download Maps to GPS on WiFi

Using less data is a big part, but sometimes we can’t help it. The answer might be right under your nose, bring the data with you - literally! If you’re using data for Google Maps, you can save a lot of data by saving the map to your phone, rather than downloading the data as your drive around. There area you can download is huge (hundreds of square miles) so you’ll be able to use significantly less data.

Limit Background Data Usage

Your phone might be using data when you don’t even know. For instance, some apps might upgrade (downloading really big files) over your cellular network rather than WiFi. Do you really need to upgrade your calculator app outside?

Cut the Insurance, Invest In a Case & Screen Protector

Insurance is important for many instances, but unless you are not using a case the probability can be quite low that you’ll actually damage your phone. If you’re worried about a shattered screen, there are options for glass films that cost less than 1 month of insurance premium. AppleCare+ is $10 per month ($240 over 2 years), but a case/glass combo can be had for as little as $20. That amounts to huge savings of $220 over 24 months.

Set Up Paperless & Automated Payments

This one’s easy. Verizon, T-Mobile and others have a discount on payments if you sign up for autopay. If you’re definitely going to be paying on time, then you might as well save the money. Savings can be between $5-10 per month ($60-$120 per year), pretty significant.

Wait to Upgrade Your Phone

If your phone is working fine, maybe don’t upgrade. There’s a reason that these phone companies and phone manufacturers are always pitching you on another 2-year upgrade plan. If you already have a great phone, does having 1 more camera lens matter, and putting it another way - is it worth the $600-$1,000 more to get 1 more camera on the back? Could that be spent better anywhere else?

Switch Carriers If There's a Much Better Deal

Sometimes there’s clearly a better deal out there with another carrier. You didn’t sign up to be with your carrier forever, and it’s easy to port over your number - it takes about 15-20 minutes at the store, and some companies even let you do it at home. Just make sure that the quality of the coverage is the same between the two carriers.

Update Your Address

Sometimes a city you (used to) live in has an extra fees/taxes (e.g. Chicago). If you’ve moved but haven’t updated your address, you’re still paying that fee/tax which can amount to >$100 a year. Save that money back in your pocket, with an easy address update and you don’t even need to switch your phone number.

Join the Family Plan

If you have multiple members of your family across different providers, accounts, and services then you might not be taking full advantage of family plan discounts. Add them all to the sane plan and you might save hundreds a year.

Uncover Employee Discounts

It depends on your employer, but if you’re a certain type of government employee or work for certain employers then you should absolutely take advantage of a lower bill. A simple Google search can determine whether your employer provides discounts

Save When Overseas

Instead of doing the “international plan” which can be $20 a day, you can consider buying a SIM card locally which might only be $10 for a week’s worth of minutes and data. If your trip is 10 days, you’ve saved a quick $90.

Skip the Extras

There are a lot of additional services you can buy from your service provider, like cloud storage or call filters and more. It’s much more cost effective to download many of the free apps which filter spam calls for you, or have free storage, and the list goes on.

Use Your Perks

Make sure you’re using all of your perks - Many service providers include free books, movies, even pizzas as part of your monthly subscription. Be sure to use those instead of letting them go to waste!

Negotiate the Setup Fees

If you’re activating a new service you might be hit with SIM kit fees, activation fees, upgrade fees and more. These fees are (sometimes) negotiable and you should bring this up when you’re signing up for your new account.