Questions & Answers

The Basics

What is Compound Wealth?

Compound Wealth is an automated service that moves your specified savings amount, between your savings accounts, every month - to earn the highest interest rate.

What is Compound Wealth's mission?

To allow all Americans to earn the best interest rate, period. The average American household misses out on $200 of interest per year, that is a shame and we can fix that problem.

How does Compound Wealth make money?

Compound Wealth makes money by offering you valuable products from our partners (e.g. banking services, credit cards, insurance products). We only want to show you products that are relevant for you, that would make your life better, and that we at Compound Wealth would personally consider buying. We've segmented Perks into 4 categories: - Spend Better: Products like credit cards, credit enhancement that makes spending more rewarding & less costly. - Protect: Insurance products like health, life, housing insurance and other products which protect you and your family. - Empower: Education & investment products that boost your personal capital and help you earn more. - Save Time: Relevant service products that can help you save your valuable time.

Who can use Compound Wealth?

Anybody in the US with a valid social security number.

How much does it cost to use Compound Wealth?

We'll find your highest savings yield available and tell you what you could be making for free. If you'd like us to automatically allocate your saving to maximize how your earnings, we charge a $2 monthly subscription. This helps cover our infrastructure costs, allows us to make this service available and ensures you don't have to worry about losing out on making your savings work best for you.

What if I don't have more than one savings account?

We open new high yield accounts (in your name) for you, so you can earn the highest rate. Before Compound Wealth, each account took over 30 minutes to manually type in lots of fields repetitively - we've automated that process, and everything is done transparently so you can specify exactly which accounts to open.

Will this impact my credit score?

Nope, we only opening savings accounts for you. Unlike credit cards, there isn't a limit to how many savings accounts you can open and it does not impact your credit score.

Getting Started

How do I open an account?

Currently, we are accepting waitlist customers only. Once you are moved off of the waitlist, there's a simple form that takes 2 minutes to fill out, and we do the rest for you.

How long does it take to open an account?

Just 2 minutes. After you set up your Compound Wealth account, we'll open the relevant High Yield accounts so we can optimize between them each month. Normally that would've taken a person 5 hours to do, but you've done that in 2 minutes!

How much money will I make?

That depends on how much savings you allocate to Compound Wealth. The average American household will make $200 every single year - leveraging FDIC insured accounts and no work required.

Do I need to switch my bank account, direct deposit, bill pay?

Nope. For example, if you have your direct deposit, autopay, and mortgage connected through an existing account - don't change a thing! You choose how much savings to put into Compound Wealth and we'll optimize those savings across your new High Yield Accounts.

I am on the waitlist, how do I get access faster?

Refer more friends - we're building a community of savers and the more you refer the faster you move up the list (as well as the $5 bonus per friend that signs up).

Is there a limit of how many friends I can refer?

Nope, there's no limit.

Security & Privacy

What is your security policy?

We use military-grade encryption and our infrastructure is designed using zero trust security. Your money is kept at leading FDIC-insured banks. We make sure your money is safe.

What is your privacy policy?

We never sell your information to anyone, because it's yours. That is not our business model and our user's trust in us is priority #1.

Are my deposits insured by the FDIC?

Yes absolutely. Compound Wealth only works with FDIC-insured banks, so each account is insured by up to $250,000.

What if I don’t recognize a transaction?

Let us know - please send us an email at

Where can I find more information on your policies?

For additional legal information, click here