Give your team the benefit of $100s of extra cash in their savings account
Compound Wealth automatically earns your teams the highest interest rate
Earn Interest, Save Time
The average American misses out on $200 of interest each year (more than $1,000 over 5 years)
Interest rates change constantly, and it's a waste of time spending hours researching, opening, and managing accounts.
Compound Wealth does it all automatically.
How does it work?
Your employees use their existing bank account
or any of 5,000
other banks
(which is likely earning 0.01% APY)
They tell us how much to optimize
Whether it's $1,000 or $100,000
We'll open, transfer, and optimize their savings across:
& other top
FDIC-insured banks
($250,000 each)
to earn the Highest Possible APY
Unexpected expense? 1-click & funds return to their original account
or any of 5,000
other banks
Secure & Protected
Advanced Bank Level Security
We use state-of-the-art security measures when handling personal information. Your employees sensitive information is fully encrypted and securely stored.
FDIC Insured
We optimize cash savings exclusively at FDIC-insured banks, each of these accounts is insured for $250,000.
Full Transparency
Instant access & visibility.
No Integration Needed
Your employees have free access (you just tell us who), and they manage their account on their end.
Awesome Perks
  • Save $100s of dollars per year on services that save time while also earning money.
  • Community-based recommendations for even more great services & products.
  • Expanded Resources section for more ways to save money.
How do Employers Benefit?
  • More Income - it's free interest income to your employees. 
  • Financial Security - ensure greater financial security for your teams.
  • Save Time - instead of your employees wasting time researching and managing accounts, we do all of that.

Let's get started!