Our Mission

To empower people to easily grow their savings.

Founding Story

Compound Wealth was founded by friends who spent too much time and effort trying to earn the best interest rates on their savings. We asked ourselves - Why was it so hard to earn interest on our savings?!

Americans miss out on over $75bn of interest each year. That's a lot of money that everyday families need, so we decided to find a solution.

Our mission is to enable everyday Americans to earn the highest interest rate on their savings, allowing them to grow those savings (big or small), and remove the need to spend hours doing it themselves!

There is such a thing as free money, let us find it for you

Americans miss out on over $75bn of interest every single year.

Interest rates are constantly changing, it would take over 70 hours a year to optimize your account and ensure you are earning the highest rate.

Let us solve the problem.

Earn the highest rate - Automatically.